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About American West Vancouver Chinese School (AWVCS)

Admin American West Vancouver Chinese School (AWVCS) was formed in 1998 when an influx of Chinese expatriats, who are here as a result of new industries in Southwest Washington, started looking for local schools that offer Chinese education for their children.

AWVCS was founded with its primary mission dedicated to educating students in speaking, reading and writing the Chinese language. AWVCS typically offers seven years of formal progressive Chinese education from learning Chinese phonics to Level 6 for students ages 5-18. We welcome students of all heritages to join us in learning the Chinese Language. Today, AWVCS offers Chinese education to everyone in Vancouver/Portland metropolitan area with a 100-strong student body. Classes are held at Hanna Hall in Clark College every Sunday afternoon during the regular school year. Parents and students are welcome to come visit the classes.

Picture on left shows officers and supporters for school year 2013-14.
Top row from left: Molly (treasurer), Vivian (teacher), Belian (purchaser), Jennifer (teacher), Amy (vice principal) and Tiffany (teacher).
Bottom row from left: George (supporter), Lei (activity), Marion (supporter), Angel (academic), Ellie (principal), Stefanie (PTO chair), Beshia (teacher) and Tim (PTO vice chair).

Fall 2014 registration:
  • We are accepting enrollment Fall 2014 ! If you are interested in registering, please download registration form. You can either mail the form to PO BOX 87933, Vancouver, WA 98687, or come to visit our school to turn it in. For any questions, please call our message phone at 360-931-3298. See you at school !

    Registration form
Our Dance and Yoyo performances by teachers, admins, and students are now online!

2013-14 School Year Leadership: Principal - Ellie Richards, Vice Principal - Amy TenBrink. PTO Chair - Tim Tenbrink. For full list of officers, please visit officer page.

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NOTICE OF NONDISCRIMINATORY POLICY: AWVCS admits students of all race, color, religion, sex and national origin. The school does not discriminate in its administration of educational, admission and any other policies and programs.